How To Cope With Losing A Pet

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7 Basic Steps To Cope With Pet Loss

Losing a pet brings sadness and grief to its human master. Here’s a lists on how to cope.

1.       Acceptance.

Let’s face it, pets have shorter life span than us humans. We love our pet so much that we even neglect the fact  the we might just be prolonging the suffering of our beloved pet. It is easier said than done to let go of our pet but once you noticed a big change in the quality of life our pet is living in then that is already a signal and we should be ready.

2.       Grieve.

               Cry if you must. Don’t hold it. It is a natural reaction to be sad when you lose or about to lose someone in the family including your pet.  Share your current  situation to your family, friends or neighbors whom had contact with your pet.

3.       Plan the memorial.

Put into consideration where the remains will be laid to rest. If you plan on a burial, placed an advance order for a  pet coffin or casket or an urn.

4.       Euthanasia.

      Stay with your pet up to its last breathe. Make your pet  feel your love for the last time.

5.       Make a Scrapbook.

             Gather pictures of your pet . You might want to boast about your  pet  to your friends. A  website in memory  of your pet would be nice.

6.       Move on.

             For your sake, knowing you did all your best for your pets  journey to the beyond, it is now time for you to go on with your life, alone. Let  time heal your loss. Whenever you miss your pet just recall the happy moments you shared together.

7.       Pet Adoption.

            After moving on and you think you have already overcome your loss. Try adopting a new pet.

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