History of Pet Coffin

Pets had already become a normal household member. The unconditional loyalty and companionship they offer makes them a welcome addition to every family. However, pets have shorter life span than their human companion. The loss of a pet is truly heart-aching. More pet owners are choosing to have a decent, formal burial for their deceased pets, complete with coffin |casket after their passing. Pet burials  had become a growing demand due to the consideration we give to our beloved pets.

Hundreds of years ago, pet owners bury their deceased pets using a big cloth to wrap the remains and buried in a deep hole. In the 1800, human coffin makers see the need for a small, pet specific coffin and offered them to pet owners. The  first caskets were made of wood.

Today, pet caskets have evolved, from a pet as small as a mice or as big as a dog or a pony, they are available in a variety of sizes. They can be made in almost any material,  to a low price heavy material pressed board to a pricey wood coffin made of Maple or Oak. We could even have the casket padded and lined just like the human coffin.

The loss of a loved companion can be a very traumatic experience, but providing that pet with a proper burial can help to ease the pain. Pet caskets help many pet owners to feel that they are doing the right thing and burying their pet in a manner fitting of the way they treated them in life. Most owners always do their best to make sure their pets are kept safe, warm and healthy during life, and choose to carry this thought of comfort and protection over to the casket after death. A casket can help to ease the owner's mind and put them at ease, knowing they've provided as best as they can for their pet even after death.



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    July 2011



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